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Open Academic Roles for September 2020

Updated May 25, 2020

Position Location CODE
Grade 5 British Columbia Curriculum Wuhan Foreign Nationals School WH-FN-01-BC-G5
Grade(s) 10 Math & Science Jinan High School JN-HS-02-AC-MA+SC
Grade(s) 10-12 English Dalian High School DL-HS-01-BC-EN
  Haifeng High School HF-HS-01-BC-EN
  Various SB-HS-01-BC-EN
  Various SB-HS-02-BC-EN
  Wuhan High School WH-HS-02-BC-EN
  Zhenjiang High School ZJ-HS-03-BC-EN
  Zhenjiang High School ZJ-HS-06-BC-EN
Grade(s) 10-12 English & Foods Shanghai High School SH-HS-11-BC-EF
Grade(s) 10-12 English & Social Studies Tianjin Teda High School TJ-TD-HS-16-BC-EN
  Wuhan High School WH-HS-21-BC-EN+SS
  Wuhan High School WH-HS-07-BC-EN+SS
Grade(s) 10-12 English (Advanced) Shanghai High School SH-HS-04-BC-EN
  Shanghai High School SH-HS-09-BC-EA
Grade(s) 10-12 Fine Arts Tianjin Teda High School TJ-TD-HS-10-BC-FA
Grade(s) 10-12 Foods Chongqing High School CQ-HS-08-BC-FD
Grade(s) 10-12 Information Technology Dalian High School DL-HS-22-BC-IT
Grade(s) 10-12 Math (Calculus) Wuhan High School WH-HS-12-BC-CA
Grade(s) 10-12 Math/Business <certificate/license required> Yancheng High/Middle/Elementary South Campus YC-SC-EMH-01-BC-MA+BU
Grade(s) 10-12 Math/Science (Physics) Dalian High School DL-HS-17-BC-MA+PH
Grade(s) 10-12 Physical Education Zhenjiang High School ZJ-HS-02-BC-PE
Grade(s) 10-12 Science Wuhan High School WH-HS-20-BC-SC
Grade(s) 10-12 Science (Chemistry) Tianjin Teda High School TJ-TD-HS-12-BC-CH
  Wuhan High School WH-HS-15-BC-CH
  Zhenjiang High School ZJ-HS-01-BC-CH
Grade(s) 10-12 Science (Physics) Wuhan High School WH-HS-04-BC-PH
  Wuhan High School WH-HS-16-BC-PH
Grade(s) 10-12 Social Studies Dalian High School DL-HS-03-BC-SS
  Luoyang High School LY-HS-01-BC-SS
  Tianjin Teda High School TJ-TD-HS-11-BC-SS
  Wuhan High School WH-HS-17-BC-SS
  Zhenjiang High School ZJ-HS-04-BC-SS
  Zhenjiang High School ZJ-HS-07-BC-SS
  Zhenjiang, SH, CQ SB-HS-03-BC-SS
Grade(s) 10-12 Social Studies/English Xi’an High School XA-HS-02-BC-EN+SS
Grade(s) 1-9 English Language Learning (Advanced) Wuhan Foreign Nationals School WH-FN-01-EL-EN

Open English Language Teaching Roles for September 2020

Position Location Code
Grade(s) 0-K2 English Language Xiangyang Pre-school XY-PS-02-EL
Grade(s) 1-3 English Language Tianjin Nankai Elementary School TJ-NK-01-EL
Grade(s) 1-6 English Language Chongqing Elementary School CQ-ES-05-EL
  Pingdingshan Elementary School PD-ES-01-EL
  Yiwu Elementary School YW-ES-02-EL
  Ordos Elementary School OR-ES-01-EL
  Luoyang Elementary School LY-ES-01-EL
  Luoyang Elementary School LY-ES-02-EL
  Luoyang Elementary School LY-ES-03-EL
  Jinan Elementary School JN-ES-01-EL
  Jinan Elementary School JN-ES-01-EL
  Xiangyang Elementary School XY-ES-01-EL
Grade(s) 1-9 English Language Yiwu Middle School YW-MS-01-EL
  Yiwu Middle School YW-MS-02-EL
Grade(s) 7-9 English Language Dalian Middle School-Jinshitan DL-JS-MS-01-EL
  Dalian Middle School-Jinshitan DL-JS-MS-02-EL
  Xiangyang Middle School XY-MS-02-EL
Grade(s)10 English Language Xi’an High School XA-HS-01-EL
  Haifeng High School HF-HS-01-EL
Pregrade 1 program Dalian Elementary School DL-ES-01-EL