Maple Leaf Educational Systems Culture

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The MLES Model

Maple Leaf Educational Systems, as a business or corporate identity, is made up of the schools and their educational programs, the physical campuses and their facilities and services, and the management structures that run the operations and include the human resources, financial educational services and system-wide development leadership functions.

These various functions are often referred to as systems and together these individual systems create the overall entity that is MLES.

Maple Leaf graduates move forward with the enriched benefit of not only appreciating but truly understanding both Eastern and Western ways of thinking. They are well-prepared to engage in increasingly globalized educational and professional marketplaces.


Key to the success of Maple Leaf is the sense of cultural identity that has developed throughout its history. From the collective term of `Mapleleafers’, the English translation for the Chinese 枫叶人`fengye ren’ or ‘Maple Leaf people’, which is widely used by students and staff alike, to the strength of the Maple Leaf brand, colours, slogans, song, and other elements, each campus shows a strong connection to the system. The health of the organizational culture is a key to the future success and growth of the system.

“Challenges cannot defeat you, in education or in business, but must drive you forward to find new solutions and new opportunities.”

Dr. Sherman Jen, Founder, CEO and Chairman

Developing the MLES Mindset

In dealing with the challenges of blending the best of the East and West, the greatest challenges come not from the articulation of curricula or learning resources but from the challenges of creating an expanded mindset.

This mindset needs to reflect the values and forward-looking goals of Maple Leaf, it needs to combine both Eastern and Western of approaches to teaching, educational leadership and business management and it needs to understand and blend the best of both.

Blending the best of East and West is more than a motto for Maple Leaf. It is at the heart of the vision. The Maple Leaf educational model is built not as two separate curricula, programs, and credentials operating side by side but as an integration of the two into a single new and unique creation.

‘One Team, One Goal’

The MLES leadership model is of an integrated learning experience in educational management and leadership, delivered in a bilingual format for both Chinese and Canadian employees that will expand and move their professional development forward into a unified understanding of Maple Leaf’s uniquely blended learning model. It is through continually identifying these cultural differences and searching for new solutions that Maple Leaf has continued to thrive.

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