Maple Leaf Professional Standards

A Personal, Professional Commitment

  New administrators and new educators who take a formal oath in the Annual Staff Congress will be granted a Maple Leaf Pin, which can be put on their lapel. This Maple Leaf Pin is a reminder to all that as a Mapleleafer, we should carry out Maple Leaf Philosophy: “Strive for Excellence in Education” and commit to “Build China’s Maple Leaf and the World’s Maple Leaf” with unremitting effort.

By joining Maple Leaf, students, teachers and administrators are presented a world of opportunity. The pin is a reminder to ourselves and others that we are all working hard to improve, and that our commitment goes beyond the walls of the classroom or the building.

Over Two Decades of Professional Excellence

The British Columbia Professional Standards for Educators guide educators and staff at Maple Leaf Educational Systems. Maple Leaf teachers across all subject areas hold themselves accountable to the these standards in the classroom.