Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching for Maple Leaf Teachers

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Professional Learning for Now and for the Future

What It Is?

The MEd in Curriculum and Teaching provides an opportunity for teachers to deepen their understanding of curriculum creation and its effective implementation. It is offered by Lakehead University’s Faculty of Education as a special course grouping for MLES teachers under the MEd in Educational Studies program requirements.

How is it Delivered?

It can be taken entirely in an asynchronous online format or with some face-to-face summer courses in Thunder Bay. Contingent on sufficient enrolment, face-to-face compressed courses may be offered in a central location in China during the national holiday dates in April/May and September/October.

Are There Different Routes?

Students can study in the course route, portfolio route, or thesis route. The program overview for each route can be found below. The portfolio route might particularly suit MLES teachers. The portfolio facilitates academic focus on an area of particular interest, coupled with the creation of one or more tasks meant to have immediate practical application in teaching. 

How Long Does It Take?

That depends on you! If you’re really organized and don’t mind being very busy, the portfolio route could look like this:

Fall term:                               2 online courses + thinking about your Portfolio

Winter term:                          2 online courses + work on Portfolio proposal

Spring/Summer term:          2 courses in spring (1 compressed face-to-face, one online)

2 courses in summer (online or 3-week face-to-face in Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching

                       + complete Portfolio proposal

Fall term:                               Portfolio completion (portfolio counts as two courses)

Aiming to finish in five terms will make more sense for many; some full-time teachers choose to take only one course per term, finishing more leisurely.

What Will It Cost?

MEd students who have full-time employment take Full-Time Flex. This means domestic students paying tuition each term (approximately $3000 – please see: for up to six terms. Tuition stops when you have completed the program, or after six terms, whichever comes first (students completing the program leisurely then have up to six more terms to finish without paying more tuition).

When Can I Start?

Students may start the program in September, January or May. Applications are received online until 30 days prior to the start of the term. Applicants must note on their supplemental form that they are MLES teachers applying to the MEd in Curriculum and Teaching. Application information can be found here:

MEd Course Descriptions may be found here:

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