Practicum Opportunities in China with MLES

Maple Leaf has formal partnerships with universities which it favours in order to host practicum students at all of our schools.

This is an opportunity to cultivate cultural understanding and sensitivity for practicum teachers as they prepare to enter the teaching profession, and an opportunity to expose new teacher candidates to Maple Leaf and a teaching experience in China so that they may choose to return to work for Maple Leaf when they have completed their university program.

Our hiring statistics show that we hire more teachers from universities that have a practicum program with us than from other universities.  We believe this is because of our good relationship with the university and from the positive experience their students have at Maple Leaf schools.

MLES university partners currently include:

Practicums are of two types:

  1. A 3 – 4 week additional opportunity for teacher candidates. These typically do not require the teacher candidate to take on a progressively increasing classroom teaching experience, but are focused on observations, reflections, and experiential learning as a result of being exposed to a new educational setting. This is typically a non-evaluative experience that does not require a “master teacher” to be the sponsor teacher. It is a collaborative experience that should engage the teacher candidate and the sponsor or mentor teacher in co-planning and co-teaching.
  • A 5 – 7 week evaluative practicum counts toward their teacher certification in their home province. These practicums will require teachers that have 3+ years of teaching experience to serve in the role of sponsor teacher. There will also be a University Supervisor assigned. This will usually be the school’s principal. Both the sponsor teacher and the university supervisor will be responsible to directly observe, debrief and provide a summative evaluation of the candidates experience during the practicum.

Maple Leaf provides suitable housing for the teacher candidates for the length of their practicum at no cost to the teacher candidate. This can be in on-campus housing or MLES owned apartments where available or being placed with a current Maple Leaf teacher who may have an extra bedroom.

All of the universities provide some level of funding through international scholarships to support the candidates with travel expenses.