Teacher Recruitment Agents

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To assist us in hiring qualified BC certified and ESL teachers we work with a team of recruitment agents and selected international recruitment agencies from regions across Canada and worldwide. Maple Leaf Teacher Recruitment Agents all work in close contact with the Teacher Recruitment Manager and our Vancouver office.

For questions regarding agents or agencies representing MLES please contact our Recruitment Manager.

For Academic Positions:

Darrell Goss – BC and Western Canada
Email: darrell.goss@mapleleafschools.com

Les Dukowski – BC and Western Canada

Email: les.dukowski@mapleleafschools.com

Sylvia Bell – Ontario

Email: sylviabell@mapleleafschools.com

Elaine Maxwell – Ontario

Email: elaine@mapleleafschools.com

Archie MacEachern – Eastern Canada

Email: archie@mapleleafschools.com

Mark Harrison – International
Email: mark.harrison@mapleleafschools.com